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La vie en rose

Today was just... great! And I'm not doing irony for once!

 First, last night my mother was on a business trip so I had my best friend spending the night at my place. We had fun doing simple things together that we didn't have time for this year - or should I say, I didn't have time for.

 Then, today I had friends coming for lunch. I did an italian-themed meal, with caprese, pasta and pizza, with the help of Shi-chan and Mary-chan. We chatted a lot about prep school and college, fantasy books and manga... pretty much the same as always, but yet it was refreshing to have so much friends around after all the stress of the exams. We celebrated Emy-chan's birthday (we got her the first season of Merlin TV series!) and ended up watching the third Pirates of the Carabean movie.

 My mother came back in the evening and we did some planning about the the next month. I should be able to spend a few days with some friends from the MDE!

 And then, on my e-mail box was waiting for me some fantastic news : I've won Pika contest and got one of the tickets for CLAMP signature cession on friday afternoon! That won't stop me from trying to get one in the morning, but that means I am sure to meet them! And that's... well, even though I realise it is pretty ridiculous... I could almost say it's a dream came truth!! I can't wait!!

PS : they finally did change the translator for TRC. Now, there are no obvious mistakes or mispells. That's good news too ^^
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