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I just came from Epitanime! We reaaly had a great day!!

Yesterday, we went to Epitanime, the oldest but also friendliest convention in my knowing, with Shii-chan and a friend from school, for who it was the first time going to a convention ever! She reaaaaaly impressed me : she did not freak out or back down when people asked for pictures!
For we were doing a last minute cosplay as Yuuko, Sakura and Ame Warashi from Holic and TRC, but well, it was just yukata and old wigs, so I don't think we were recognised at all, but lots of people liked the yukata ^^
At the con, we met with Zejabel and Xeno, who was crossdressing as a character of Clannad. Really, really courageous... First, I don't think I'd like to wear this kind of uniform, plus he was wearing a mask and thus could not talk, or drink. And he must have felt very hot!
There were some great cosplayers! I really love taking picture of them!

Rock Lee


Those free were cosplaying together and were really nice. They accepted to take individual shot and did great poses ^^

I think it's one of the best cosplay of this character I ever saw, internet included.

Captain Jack "Convention" Sparrow

Some really strange cross-over... But both costumes were great!

Cool pose and then...

"Sexy pose", and I quote them! Just... don't ask! and it was their idea!

We really were lucky with the weather. Epitanime is partly outdoor, so it really is a pain when it's cold and/or rainy (like last year for example >.<). I even got a little sunburnt today!
When leaving, we realised it was the last convention before Japan Expo. In a month and a week, what was our most foolish dream will come true.... I'm so looking forward to this! 
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