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Pfiou, last weeks in prep school... and weather is totally unpredictable!

Okay, so as the internet site of Japan Expo doesn't seem to provide an English version of the organisation of signing cession, I htought I could always do a quick translation. If there are any mistakes, please feel free to point them out to me! Thanks!

Signing sessions system

Usually during Japan Expo festivals, two signing sessions systems are offered to the con-goers to allow everyone to have a chance to leave with the autograph of one of our guests!

First come, first served

Traditionally, every morning, the “first-come, first-served” signing sessions system is the simplest : the guest will be in a Salle de Dédicaces (Signing Room) and, at the opening of the convention, the visitors will come freely to meet them or have to go to the Point Info (Information Desk) to take an autograph ticket.

This system favors people coming early in the morning, to be sure to meet the guest: first to come are therefore first to be served!


Traditionally, every afternoon, the lottery system is open to all con-goers, and the participation is possible throughout the day.

· You go to the Point Info (Information Desk)

· You show your entrance ticket

· A mark corresponding to the signing cession is left on your ticket

· You are invited to put your hand in the box corresponding to the guest you want an autograph of, from which you draw a piece of paper

· In the box there are papers where are written “losers” or “winners”. You immediately know if you have won or lost.

· For each guest : one participation a day per person.

The original post is there. I hope it's now clearer for everybody!!


 To celebrate CLAMP's anniversary, several French publishers are doing new editions of some "classics", often in omnibus versions (two volumes in one).

So we now have Card Captor Sakura and Clover by Pika

but also X/99 by Tonkam,

who provided this flyer to provide further information on their next moves, that include a new edition of RG Veda.

There are also new editions of Tokyo Babylon and RG Veda OAVs. 

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