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One more day. Just one more day, no, one morning, four hours, and I'll be finished.
At least for now.
I'll even on vacation for two days, plus the week-end! Let's not think that some of my friends had two weeks off...

Okay. Stop. Think positive. Po-si-ti-ve.
I can't say I didn't have fun during those exams. Even though it was not exactley thanks to them. I hd a great time with Ambrena, Ernya, and some of their friends during ENS, and even after that, though they weren't there to try out the business schools, we still managed to see each other! Our evening after the autograph cession with Neil Gaiman (such a cool guy!) will remain a great, great memory! It was so much fun discussing fandoms, from manga to fantasy literature with the two of them but also Shii-chan and Cassidy!! And okonomiyaki are always the best way to cheer up!
Now, there's nothing to do but wait.
Oh well, it's not like I have nothing to do!!
The deadlie for the Epitanime illustration contest is in a few days, I still have birthday fanart gifts to finish, and then, there is always the CLAMP cosplay to take care of.
Then there are some texts I ought to publish or Loredan will have my head. And I still need it.
Oh and I'd like to take some time and finally play at Guild Wars! I want to kill evil creatures!! And I miss my dear Alec... (that's my summon's name XD)

And then, there are always my beloved fandoms.

First Bleach. Best chapter for weeks. Toushirou is the best. And I must say I just love the color splash with Renji. He really looks like some host XD

Naruto was once again very intense. But really, those flashbacks are just cruel. The more I learn of Jiraiya-sensei, the more I regret his death. But Masashi once again manages for the "evil guy" to look only... pitiful. And Yahiko really looks and acts just like Naruto. I wonder if Nagato will realise that.

Then FMA. Ah, Hiromu-sensei... what a wonderful chapter...Riza was simply heart-breaking. I wanted for Roy to apologize, kiss her, get on his knees and propose. Eventually not in this order. Envy is dead and Envy/Ed shippers must be happy in their distress. Then there is the Armstrong family, who reaaaaly are cool. And Izumi. Ah, I can't wait to see her in action now she is all better thanks to Honenheim!

But the best - or maybe the worst - was TRC. I think we have now about all the answers we needed. And really, what answers... There is no one to blame, yet both Clow and Yuuko did all they could to atone... Poor guys... We still don't know what they were to each other - borhter and sister? lovers? - but we can assume Yuuko was Clow's most important person. And he left her. And Kelo and Yue too. Now we know where Shaolan's stubborness and willingness to sacrifice himself comes from. Like the song says, "it's in your DNA". Still, I'm happy for the clones. Even though it is still very strange to see Clone!Shaolan with stars in his eyes. Oh, and the splash should have been in colour. I said.

Tomorrow, philosophy. Now let's hope it's not once again about authority...
Tags: bleach, examen, fma, khâgne = bagne, naruto, spoilers, trc
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