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En direct des portes des Enfers....

What a week… I’m totally exhausted. Worn Out. Wasted.

So I feel the need to make use of this journal after so long. Quite embarrassing ^^’


After two years  working like mad I’m finally done with the ENS. The only problem is that contrary to others, I still have two weeks of exams. Business school this time. The sessions are four hours long instead of six, but there are two a day, so it’s even more exhausting. And to think that most of my little classmates are on vacation… it’s irritating really.

Well, at any rate I was rather inspired… if not for the compositions, at least for some drawing! XD I might post them here later, as there are not really worth posting on DA.
What else? Ah yeah, finally, we won’t have a stand at Epitanime. I’m a bit disappointed but well, on the other hand, I don’t have to rush my doujin anymore. I’ll still try doing some Mokona t-shirts and maybe sell them on the net. And concerning the 4 yukata… well, there’s always E-bay. Or maybe I’ll ask the owner of the small manga shop that I go to if I can leave some advertisement. Someone might be interested ^^ Oh, and I’ll try finishing my fanart for the contest. It’s a good way to train for my contribution to the CLAMP fanbook. Speaking of which…     


     On the bright side, I finally got my tickets for Japan Expo! They are only Zen tickets, when I had tried to get Gold and Silver ones but well… I’ll apply for the job at for Tuesday and Friday, there shouldn’t be much events anyway. It’ll be fun promoting my favorite books – if the newbie doesn’t have to make all the coffee errands XD And there’s still a hope to get an invitation through my father… Note to myself : ask him this evening!

They announced the coming of Ai Yaizawa and Shiori Furukawa, so now, I expect some shônen and/or seinen mangaka to be announced. Maybe someone from JUMP? I’d like for a big name to come, so it will easier to get to the CLAMP events, but at the same time… what would I do if Masashi Kishimoto or Hiromu Irakawa was to show up? T_T I’m so difficult to satisfy XD The AKB girls are cute and sing very well, but I have this feeling that if they wanted to have some idols coming, they would have better get some of the Johnny’s. That would have made happy a huge part of the female public XD

Oh, and among the many activities of the festival, they will now have Reiki, Shiatsu and acupressure booths! That’s reaaaaally a good idea, at least if the massages are free ^^




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